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Jim People

It is all about people

In the end, nearly everything we do is for people whether offline or online. When we interact with an Internet customer, we never forget that it is a real person and real company behind that request. Real people staring at their screens are trying to connect with us in search of a good deal with a company of integrity.

People have always been at the center of our work, our relationships with our clients, and our company since our inception in 1911. It's this passion that fuels our work. Understanding who our customers are, their needs, how they interact with us are all central to helping us develop products and services that meet their needs. Internet has not change this people-centricity but intensified its need and we have never been more mindful of understanding our customers and contributing to their long-term success. Our great grandfather strived to build lifelong relationships with his customers in an era when there was no telephone, radio or television in his country and we are trying to do the same in this age of communication.

It's also the center for our company. Our people, their skills and ideas, and the work we do are our most important asset. With our clients, it is the relationships we forge with them, the business they are building, and the privilege to join their ambition are all what drives us and gives us passion.

We are not interested in one time deals but to contribute to their success by becoming an extension of their company. We are a part of our customers team. Our customers reach out to us not only for their automotive needs but to seek our advice on a whole range of their business issues. This partnership and trust is built deal by deal. We collaborate and share ideas when asked to and are always mindful of contributing to our customers success. Our customers bottomline is as important to us as our bottomline.

We don't just sell automotive products but we create solutions that solve your real problems. And for that to happen we have to listen, really listen to what you need and then to use our extensive and intensive automotive knowledge and expertise to create custom solutions to fit your unique situation.

Passion drives each and every one of us in some way or another. Without passion, there would be no brilliant ideas, no commitment to hard work, no drive to go above and beyond what's expected. The beauty of passion is that it's both contagious and reciprocal. Your passion fuels our passion. Our passion is to make you save money, make you achieve your goals, make you gain the upper hand in your business and to realize the dreams of our Founding Fathers. Our passion is to understand your business and meet its unique requirements. We recognize that a small dealer's requirements differ from a large dealer which differ from a small company which differ from a blue-chip corporation which differ from an NGO which differ from a government agency which differ from a UN agency which differ from a project supplier which differ from an individual.

Trust is the cornerstone to a successful collaborative relationship. So our first mission is to gain your trust by showing you that we're truly interested in your success. By treating you as an equal partner in the process, we'll show you that your success is our success. Once that trust is established, ideas flow quickly and without the hindrance of doubt in our priorities. We want to do what's best for you, and gaining your trust is the first step in making that happen.

Best company to work for


Jim Motors  is recognized as one of Asia's Best Companies to Work for. Our Mission, Vision, Core Values (discussed in detail in our mission section) have a lot to do with this. So why is that important to you? Because it has all to do with you - our Customer. We are a completely customer focussed company and career progress of a Team Jim member is associated with his ability to serve our customers. We are a people-oriented company and have created a pleasant working atmosphere where we ourselves would love to work. We have worked in environments where we dreaded Mondays and were committed to creating working environments where people will dread Saturdays and could not wait for Monday to come around. Do Team Jim members really say T.G.I.M. (Thanks God it is Monday!)?

We Keep Our Customers Happy

Since our founding, Quraishi businesses have focused on keeping customers happy and Jim Autos Thailand, Jim 4x4 Thailand, Jim Autos United Kingdom, Singapore Motors Jim and Jim Autos Dubai are no different. This requires Jim Autos people to anticipate and exceed customer needs and expectations. You can find examples of this in our every interaction and transaction. The result is that you get what you need, whether that's the right car or the right information.

We work hard to build long-term valuable business partnerships with our customers. That's why we live by our "yes, we will" standard of responding positively and creatively to every request for special products and services. Jim Autos also calls on the company and our people to demonstrate respect and caring for all members of the Jim Autos Team, their families, our neighbors, customers, and suppliers.


We Deal with Honesty and Integrity

Jim Autos and its people always conduct business with uncompromising honesty and integrity. People in every job are expected to adhere to the highest standards of business ethics and fairness in all of our dealings with customers, manufacturers, suppliers, communities, government officials and agencies, and other Jim Autos people.

We have a moral compass that guides us in our every action. Honesty was one of the four guiding principles enunciated by our great-grandfather at the time of our founding in 1911. As a matter of fact Quraishis have been trading for the past 2000 years and are well respected for their commitment to absolute honesty and integrity.

We trust that the people and organizations we work with will treat us the same. We prefer dealing with honest and upright dealerships as well as a matter of principle and it has worked to our advantage as well because shady companies and dealerships don't last long and we would much rather have a lifelong partner than a fly by night operation. Honesty in this case, and all other cases, is the best policy, after all.

We See Continuous Improvement as a Way of Life

Because Jim Autos people are achievement-oriented, they are unsatisfied with the way things are, when they believe they can make improvements. So Jim Autos encourages and supports our people in making both incremental and sweeping changes. The company also recognizes that risk-taking and honest mistakes are unavoidable parts of constantly improving our business and no matter how bad a day today is, tomorrow is another day.

In everything we do, we compare ourselves with the results achieved by the highest performance companies in any industry. We are not satisfied with simply being good enough; we must be among the best in every key thing we do. To do that, Jim Autos people take a can-do approach to improving individual, team, and corporate performance. And that approach extends to supporting improvement ideas in other areas within the company. The result is that Jim Autos is constantly finding new ways to improve how we work with you.

We Provide the Highest Quality Products and Services

We supply products and services, which provide lasting value to our customers, and their customers be they individuals, corporations, governments, militaries, NGOs, IGOs, UN or supply companies. Everyone in the company is responsible for ensuring product and improving service quality. This is the only way we can meet our company goal of zero defects in workmanship and product quality. We work hard to know our products and services so well that we can make useful recommendations.

By emphasizing quality in the delivery of every service and product, we achieve higher productivity because less time is wasted repetitively solving the same problems. At the same time, we also lower our costs of doing business because money is not spent on waste and re-work. And then we pass those savings on to you.

Our growth can be directly attributed to the high-quality services we provide at the lowest possible cost and to our dedication to customer satisfaction. Jimi's"Obsessed with Quality" philosophy formalizes our single-minded dedication to service. Our demonstrated commitment to providing the highest-quality services in the industry has resulted in recognition by customers and peers.

At Jim Motors, individuals are responsible for championing new ideas to improve their job efficiency, implementing improvement processes, which compare current performance with goals. The company also expects people to work with teams to improve company-wide practices. As Jim Autos has implemented improved productivity practices in each of our business entities, our cost performance ratios have declined, and we have become as one of the leaders in cost efficiency and market competitiveness.

So what does all this mean for you?

Jim Motors's Corporate Objectives and Values have consistently made us one of the Best Companies to Work for according to Fortune Magazine. Which makes it easier to attract and keep the best people in the industry. People whose focus is delivering the highest quality product and service at the lowest possible cost.

And that's how we deliver the value, quality, and service you and the rest of the industry have come to expect from Jim Motors. So call us today and become a part of Jim Family today forever more.


Jim's reputation as the First Family of Asian Automotive Retailing and Exporting has attracted some of world's best people in the industry. This accounts for our continual excellence and this is how we are able to surpass the standards we set in the industry annually. Our people is one reason why we have always been a few steps ahead of the competition since our founding in the early 20th century.

Jim Autos is a wholly owned subsidiary of Jim Group of Companies . From our humble origins in 1911 as a local dealer, we have emerged as Asia's top auto and Europe's leading car exporter and multi-brand dealership group.  The two keys to our success are our lofty principles (superior customer service, low cost, superior selection, integrity and professionalism) and our staff.

The most valuable assets of any company are its people and our people are second to none. Our track record and reputation have attracted highly skilled and experienced people from different backgrounds.


Team Jim!

Jim Autos is comprised of dynamic professionals structured in empowered teams in automotive hubs dotting the globe whose goal in life is to make you even more successful by saving you money, time and energy while providing vehicles that sell themselves. Team Jim is energized by Mr. Jim's vision and leadership and animated by a dream our Great Grandfather had in 1911. We are here to serve you and to help you achieve to ever greater success because we know we succeed when you succeed. No one has ever prospered at the cost of their customers.

Our difference is our people. Each of our employees are committed to levels of honesty, customer service, professionalism and enthusiasm that you would not find at a traditional dealership. By developing a level of trust with you in a friendly and comfortable environment, we hope to continue to earn your business for years to come. We will continue to look for innovative ways to enhance your car-buying and service experience.

Jim Motors  is highly versatile thanks to the caliber and skills of our highly talented staff who serve countries straddling the length and breadth of the  International Timeline. Despite the long hours, they are energized by the delight our customers experience when they first receive Jim Quality vehicles and accessories. Team Jim is here to serve you and to be a party to your success.

What makes Team Jim unique is its commitment to be a part of your success. Our efforts are directed at helping you achieve and then sustain competitive edge in you marketplace. When you work with us, we are a part of your team rooting for your success and working overtime to get you there. You are also a part of our team and our combined synergies and market presence allows us to reinforce the Competitive Edge to our mutual advantage giving our end customers a better product at the cheapest possible price in the fastest timeframe.

Our business is important to us, and we see ourselves as more than just the products and services we provide. We really care about each and every vehicle we deliver, and it's this enthusiasm which guarantees that our vehicles are a source of delight and success to our individual, corporate, governmental, NGO and dealer clients. It is no surprise that now our customers' customers come looking for Jim name. Jim brand has become synonymous with quality, elegance and beauty.

We are passionate about what we do - we bring more to you than our 100 years of experience and our track record of excellence. We recognize that each customer's requirements are unique, and as a dynamic organization we pride ourselves on attention to detail and our ability to rise to the occasion to meet and exceed our customers expectations.

We have made a successful transition from a mortar and bricks organization to a dynamic  e-Business company. Ironically this has resulted in us establishing more mortar and bricks buildings all over the globe but we were able to quickly grasp Web's real potential from all the hype and were among the first international auto exporters to capitalize on its promise. We are now exporting thousands of vehicles from our different offices interconnected with our customers through the Internet.

All of this is only possible because of our partnerships with manufacturers, suppliers, corporations, NGO suppliers, NGOs and a host of other organizations that benefit from and participate in our inter-network. We have created a Virtual Organization (VO) that is ten times the size of our Actual Organization and provides a seamless supply chain to the corporations, dealerships, governments, NGOs. We are also able to provide a complete solution to all your automotive needs and are able to fulfill all our project needs.







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